Trilogy at the Audio Show, Warsaw, November 2014

 18th Nov 2014

Trilogy's Polish distributor Moje Audio showed the 925 Integrated Hybrid Amplifier for the first time at High Fidelity's Audio Show 2014, Warsaw. This is the eighteenth year the show has been hosted is the second largest show in Europe stretching to over a hundred rooms across three venues. We are delighted to report that it won the coveted Best Sound award. The system also featured our 907 Phono Stage. Our sister company ISOL-8 provided the essential mains conditioning for the system.





"I know a part of the system, I tested the loudspeakers, the turntable and the cables. New for me was the ISOL-8 electronics filtering mains as well as the integrated amp Trilogy 925. It turned out, that all those elements together give a very well balanced sound, where there is no space for coincidences. It seems, that all those components worked perfectly together and really sounded like a system. Quick, dynamic sound, without brightening and with a deep soundstage. Superb sound."

Editor in Chief High Fidelity, Wojciech Pacuła    

Isol - 1


The 925 also caught the attention of You can read their show report featuring the 925 here

...and here where the 925 again featured in 6moons top seven systems at the show.


Isol - 3

The award wining system:

Loudspeakers: Trenner & Friedl Pharoah. Integrated amplifier: Trilogy 925. Power conditioners: ISOL-8 SubStation HC for the amplifier and ISOL-8 SubStation LC for the rest of the electronics. Power cables: ISOL-8 Reference. Phonostage: Trilogy 907. Turntable: The Funk Firm Little Super Deck with The Funk Firm FX3 tonearm and Achromat platter mat, equipped with ZYX R 100 cartrigde. Interconnects and loudspeaker cables: Tellurium Q Black Diamond and Harmonix HS-101 SLC

Pictures courtesy of SoundRebels

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