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Trilogy 992 Mono Power Amplifier

The Trilogy 992 hybrid 100w mono power amplifier is just 220mm wide and less than 80mm high. Small it may be, but it stands tall as a versatile and musical power amplifier for audiophiles. Partnered with the 908 preamplifier it will deliver performance that belies its size and price.

992 nat iso mr

A distillation of the award winning 990 power amplifier, it is well suited to multi amplification or home cinema systems as well as excelling in conventional stereo with its sister 908, or 909 preamplifiers. The Trilogy philosophy is to use the optimum technology to solve a given problem, regardless of prejudice or convention. The result is an innovative hybrid topology with zero global feedback that is both elegant and wonderfully transparent.


Standard finish is a soft, finely bead blasted natural aluminium. You can also choose one of our five lustrous paint finishes at extra cost, or take advantage of the Chameleon Colour System which opens up a whole new dimension of possibilities.

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Technical Details:

992 valve detail

The input stage is a Class A, single ended circuit employing a dual triode valve. This provides all the voltage gain for the amplifier. Freed from the task of sourcing current, the circuit can deliver all the magic that valves can offer without compromising operating life or reliability.

As with the 990, the 992 employs a small FET to deliver the crucial first watt to the loudspeaker. As any amplifier will typically spend most of its time in this region, the use of a fast, agile device here helps to preserve the micro detail that is needed to bring music alive. When the music demands, additional current is supplied by rugged bi-polar devices to really move the loudspeaker.


Semiconductors greatly benefit from good mechanical and thermal stability. The aluminium front panel is machined from a solid billet. This doubles as a heatsink which has two important advantages over the ubiquitous stock extrusions more comonly found in other power amplifiers.

Firstly, it is of far higher mass than a similarly rated off the shelf extrusion, this means the output devices linearity suffers less from variations in operating temperature.

Secondly the thick fins have a very low resonant signature unlike typical ribbed extrusions and provide the ideal low microphony platform for the output stage to deliver consistant performance across its dynamic range.

992 nat detail mr
992 choke

The foundation for any amplifier is the power supply. Unusually, the 992 carries an oversize linear supply with a choke input topology. The 2.7kg choke acts like a power flywheel, smoothing out the current pulses demanded by the Mundorf reservoir capacitors as they charge during operation.

A faraday screened power transformer and soft recovery rectifier diodes also contribute to the power supply’s extremely low dynamic noise, keeping the amplifier composed and resolved under demanding musical conditions.

As with all Trilogy products, the non magnetic aluminum and stainless steel case is finished to the highest standards. Inside the build quality is exemplary. Selected capacitors are from Mundorf with precision resistors in the signal path. At the rear you will find a high quality input phono connector and Mundorf solid copper binding posts for loudspeaker connection.

  992 nat rear mr


Dual loop through TAS link connectors facilitate remote power on/off, security bonding and status reporting to Trilogy TAS link enabled controllers; such as the complementary 908 preamplifier. QuietBus technology ensures the integral housekeeping microcontroller's high speed lines are completely inactive during normal operation. This keeps the audio circuits completely free from digital processing interference whilst protecting the amplifier at all times.

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 Size  220*360*78 (W*D*H)
 Size including connectors  220*385*78 (W*D*H)
 Packaged Size  350*475*210 (W*D*H)
 Weight  10.0 Kg
 Packaged Weight  11.5 Kg
 Standby Power Consumption  1 Watts
 Idle Power consumption  45 Watts
 Maximum Power consumption  450 Watts
 Input (single ended)  RCA phono socket
 Input impedance  130K Ohms
 Input sensitivity  2V RMS for Rated output
 Rated Power (8 Ohms)  100 Watts
 Rated Power (4 Ohms)  160 Watts
 Recommended load impedance  4-16 Ohms
 Frequency response  10Hz-30KHz +/- 0.5dB
 Distortion  Less than 1% A weighted at rated output
 Phase  Phase correct (non inverting)
Specification subject to change



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